App Of The Day: Camera+ For iPhone

After getting a bit overzealous with the iPhone 4's volume buttons, Camera+, my favourite iPhone photography app, was booted from the App Store. Thankfully it's back Apple's good graces, and it's just been updated with more photo-fancifying features than ever.

What is it?

Even during its brief hiatus from the world of sanctioned App Store apps, Camera+ remained my favourite all-around photography app for the iPhone. Of course, it has all the photo effects you'd expect - HDR, miniaturise, polarise, colour dodge, '70s, toy camera, sepia, and one or two dozen more - as well as a variety of presets for various scenes - cloudy, fluorescent, portrait, concert, etc. But it's also got some less obvious stuff for both before and after you shoot: touch focus and exposure, white balance lock, timer mode, burst mode, and plenty of borders and cropping options. It pretty much does it all. And it's on sale for a buck.

Who's it good for?

People who don't want to switch between a bunch of different apps to get their photos looking just right; people who find MMS and email adequate for sharing those photos; people who are fed up with Hipstamatic's authentic-to-a-fault UI.

Why's it better than alternatives?

Well, it does just about everything you could want it to, it's only $2.49, and, in my estimation, it's got some of nicest looking effects of any iOS photo app. The update also does some nice things under the hood, like maintaing meta data and geographic info when you export shots to the camera roll.

How could it be even better?

This new and improved version of Camera+ is noticeably slower than the previous version, which I wouldn't have described as snappy to begin with. Hopefully that'll be addressed in the next update. And with so many features and options, it'd be nice to be able to save a custom workflow that you could quickly apply to photos on the run without doing all that tapping.

You can grab Camera+ in the App Store for $2.49. Scratch that! Currently on sale for $1.19

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