Air Power! 12 Pneumatic Trains From The Past Future

Remember The Jetsons? How they all travelled by pneumatic tube, sucked from one place to another? These plans, concepts and photographs show we've been dreaming about that idea for a long time.

Remains of the Beach Pneumatic Tunnel in 1899. [Oobject]

The Battersea Pneumatic Dispatch, which, in this image, was used to deliver mail. Later, a passenger carrying version of this system was developed elsewhere in London, at Holborn.

A BART alternative, Bay Area Gravity-Vacuum Transit, 1967. BAGVT just doesn't have the same ring as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).

ET3 - space travel on Earth, New York to Beijing in two hours. The ET3 system would be networked like a freeway, with interstate travel at speeds of 595km/h and international travel at 6437km/h.

The Dalkey Atmospheric Railway in Ireland.

Goddard's NY to San Francisco vacuum train proposal.

Trans-Atlantic Vacuum Tube plus MagLev.

The Crystal Palace Pneumatic Railway.

A diagram of a giant blower for pneumatic rail.

A plan for a Manhattan Pneumatic Railway.

The Beach Pneumatic Transit System demo.

What remains of Brunel's Pneumatic Railway.

For more things under the ground, on rails, or sucked through a tube, take a look at 10 creepy abaondoned subway stations, impressive luxury trains, crazy and spectacular sewers, 15 pneumatic message networks, or 20 railroad snowplows. [Oobject]

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