A Magic Metal Kone For Brewing Coffee

The worst part about manual pourover coffee techniques - say, Chemex or a V60 - are the paper filters you throw away after every single cup. Coava's photochemically etched metal Kone filter replaces them - and drastically changes the coffee at the same time.

Coffee brewed via Chemex is typically noted for its brightness and clarity - thanks largely to the paper filter, which filters and absorbs a lot of the oils you would get in a heavier cup from, say, a press pot. Coffee that comes out of the Chemex using the Kone filter, on the other hand, is a crazy hybrid of the two says the NYT's Oliver Strand: "It gives you the control of a Chemex and the tannic cup you get from a French press: a Frenchmex... it was strange to find such an aggressive coffee sitting in my Chemex. It was like pulling the top off a bamboo steam basket and encountering a piece of grilled meat."

Entirely manufactured in the US, Coava's already got 900 orders for the $US50 cone - very possibly the latest piece of must-have gear for coffee fetishists always looking for new experiences. (Pro tip from ShotZombies: It works better with a Chemex than a V60.) It might finally push me to pick up a Chemex. Maybe. [Coava, Ristretto, ShotZombies, Image by Mike White used with permission]

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