12 Cavernous Cargo Holds

Cargo bays are built to hold big things - really big things, like the Atlantis space shuttle. They're impressive when they're doing their job, but when cargo holds are empty, the term spacious takes on a whole new meaning.

The 'Cargo Hold' restaurant is built in a replica of South Africa's legendary ghost ship 'The Phantom'.

Airbus cutaway showing passenger deck and cargo hold.

A cutaway showing of the SS Milazzo cargo hold.

Trolley buses in stacked in giant cargo hold.

The Cargo Bay of the Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Orbiter Processing Facility.

Secret X-37B space plane in its cargo hold.

The Beluga Super Transporter cargo hold.

Cleaning a giant cargo hold.

The empty cargo hold of the S.S. J.H. Sheadle, 1906.

A C17 cargo hold provides troop transports.

The Cargo Hold of the Spruce Goose, the world's largest plane.

This cargo hold used to hold tens of thousands of tons of iron ore. Now every year it gets converted by the University Minnesota-Duluth's Theater Department for a Halloween haunted ship cruise.

For more seriously impressive things that belong in the sea or in the sky, check out these fab prefab ships, ships that shouldn't be able to hold such large cargo, WWI and WWII era dazzle ships, ships out of water or super cool aircraft interiors. [Oobject]

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