Your Marriage Will Destroy Your Television

You didn't misread that headline. Your marriage—and wearing a loose-fitting wedding ring while playing Kinect—can destroy your television.

According to Gizmodo reader Brian, the photo above was taken just a few moments after he accidentally flung his wedding band at a television while trying to play a Kinect game for the first time.

I don't know whether the lesson to learn from Brian's misfortune is that you should always get your rings sized properly, that you should never wear jewelry while playing Kinect, or that marriage is a bad idea. [Thanks, Brian!]

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    I can't imagine a wedding band, weighting a few grams, would be able to cause that damage.

      I dare you to throw a wedding band at your tv!

      Depends how fast it was thrown at the tv

      This is an LCD TV, It's only 2 very thin sheets of glass and a couple of layers of other, soft material. A wedding ring could break it easy... Throw something of similar size/weight/density at your LCD monitor and see what happens.

      I've had a customer in my repair center who tried to tell me that their LCD TV cracked itself and wanted it repaired under warranty. The distance of the impact points matched perfectly the remote control, you could even see the impact points on the outer sheet aswell. VOID! lol... This photo the TV has only one impact point which has the main impact zone of less then an inch, so it's likely this story is true.

      If it was anything like mine (about 30 grams) it would.

      think of the concept of a bullet, the terminal velocity that the ring would have reached would have been much higher over a short distance then if he had thrown it from 2 rooms away, short and sharp on an LCD screen would cause some solid damageno matter how small the ring was haha

    Ah well, looks like he needed a bigger one any way.

    hehe ,ala ?

    What a tragic story! Presence of mind always.

    Im pretty sure if i threw my gold ring at the tv, there would be damage. Not going to try it though.

    My kids threw a bouncy rubber ball (about 4cm diameter) and it hit my few month old TV and left a little spider crack in it.

    I was ticked (still am) but it certainly didn't do that kind of damage.

    Unless he was wearing a huge ring, or was waving his arms at relativistic velocities.

    lol that has got to suck, have you guys seen the vid where the guy playing the Wii lets go of his remote and send it flying into the TV, that thing did some damage hahaha

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