You Can Now Get Australian Movie Session Times In The IMDB iPhone App

When we looked at the IMDB iPhone app recently, we lamented that the app didn't show movie session times outside the US. Last week, that all changed.

Now when you select the Sessions Time option on the app's main menu, you're given the option of browsing through either Movies or cinemas. The app uses the phone's GPS to determine your location to give you the option of your local cinemas, and by default gives you session times for the day you're browsing, although you can browse at movie times for the week ahead.

You can't book your tickets from within the app, and selecting the cinema and then the movie you want to see can put you in an infinite loop of cinema and movie without actually going anywhere different, but it's still good to see a big global app offering localised versions.

[IMDb appThanks Zaheer!]

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