WTF? WP7 Users Charged International Transaction Fees For Credit Card App Purchases

Windows Phone 7 owners who use their credit cards for app purchases may be in for a bit of a rude surprise when they get their next bill - despite charging in Australian dollars, Microsoft are processing the transactions in Singapore, meaning banks will be charging WP7 users international transaction fees.

As Long Zheng at I Started Something discovered, because Microsoft bill each purchase seperately, it's possible that buying a 99 cent app could end up with a 101% surcharge thanks to these bank fees.

The fees will vary depending on the bank, but it's a huge kick in the teeth for Windows Phone 7 early adopters who aren't using Telstra's bill payment system for apps.

We asked Microsoft about the issue and we'll update when we get here's their response:

“Microsoft has been made aware that some customers may have been charged a bank transaction fee when making credit card purchases from Windows Phone Marketplace in Australia. We are currently investigating this as a priority and will provide more information when we can.”

In other words, suck it up, early adopters. Sad face.

[I Started SomethingThanks Brad!]

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