WTF? WP7 Users Charged International Transaction Fees For Credit Card App Purchases

Windows Phone 7 owners who use their credit cards for app purchases may be in for a bit of a rude surprise when they get their next bill - despite charging in Australian dollars, Microsoft are processing the transactions in Singapore, meaning banks will be charging WP7 users international transaction fees.

As Long Zheng at I Started Something discovered, because Microsoft bill each purchase seperately, it's possible that buying a 99 cent app could end up with a 101% surcharge thanks to these bank fees.

The fees will vary depending on the bank, but it's a huge kick in the teeth for Windows Phone 7 early adopters who aren't using Telstra's bill payment system for apps.

We asked Microsoft about the issue and we'll update when we get here's their response:

“Microsoft has been made aware that some customers may have been charged a bank transaction fee when making credit card purchases from Windows Phone Marketplace in Australia. We are currently investigating this as a priority and will provide more information when we can.”

In other words, suck it up, early adopters. Sad face.

[I Started SomethingThanks Brad!]



    All I can say is thats crap. Come on MS.

    Don't you feel sorry for those 'early adopters'?

    They have to put up with hardware bugs, such as the pink camera, and difficulty logging onto Wi-Fi.

    Then they have to put up with the missing features of Windows Phone 7, such as no Copy & Paste, proper multitasking, Bluetooth file transfers, and handsets don't even have the ability to add a custom ringtone.

    Today we hear that Microsoft only sold 40,000 phones in the United States, which means the platform is a flop, will most likely get axed, and no updates will come.

    Those Windows Phone 7 early buyers are really copping it. Now, on top of that, they get billed a huge hidden international credit card fee.

    For everyone else, we stick with Androids and iPhones.

      Let me have a guess you are a avid iPhone or Android user.

      Dont forget this v1 and the devices are massively integrated with other MS services. There will be bugs and bumps in the road. In some ways it is ahead of iphone and android and some ways behind!

      The only reason it isn't selling well is because there is some very stiff competition from the others (which is good for all) and MS is rebuilding its phone business.

      The main issue I see is a complete failure by MS Marketing they should have live devices in every store selling them but mainly all I see is dummies. And dont forget the seedy side of marketing and contracts and exclusivity deals that maybe be happening to extinguish it before it even gets started.

      The only real issue I have with the phones is it should have had a minimum of 16gb. If the manufacturers cant get there phone and other drivers right it is not MS fault.

      I do like the road they are traveling between the open Andriod spec and closed iphone I think it could grow momentum over time.

      Want some hungry jacks with your flame grilling?

      Android is the way of the future, at least there are projects developing Android for Windows phones.

      40,000 in one day is hardly a flop. I think they will hold the phone up simply off a combination of their 6.5 upgrades and the attraction the phone has to the gaming market.

      Biggest thing will be how fast the fix the teething issues and add new features.

        Plus 250,000 in Europe!

      Time will tell...

      I just dropped $400 AUD into a HD2 to boot WinMo6.5/Android 2.2 and maybe WinMo7. I'm doing it for Froyo but if I get WinMo 7 too then I'll be a very happy camper :)

      Don’t you feel sorry for those ‘haters’?

      They have to constantly put down on things, in a way that makes it sound like they must justify why they hate it.

      Then they continue on elaborating those points and say "it doesnt even do this", even though other first generation devices were not released with the same thing, and some phones, after 3 years, still don't have those features, and people regard them as the ultimate phone which cant be beat.

      Then they try and justify this by correlating some figures, and making a call at what they mean, which they believe is truly indicative of if a platform is a flop, and what will happen to it in the future.

      After all this, they will most likely show some faux empathy, making more snarky comments, sounding like they are borderline jealous all the while.

      Why can't MS cut a break for releasing a new phone OS?

    I am pretty sure it happens for all Microsoft purchases, so isn't a WP7 only issue. I am charged $11.28 for a $10.95 Xbox Live Gold Monthly Subscription.

    "For everyone else, we stick with Androids and iPhones."

    I can't wait to get rid of my Android powered handset for WP7.

      I agree with you there. There are definitely things I preferred my iPhone and android with however this is v1 and I really like Windows Phone. It definitely has potential!

    Windows Phone 7 is dead, its only been out in the US for 3 days! You bitter much?

    MS actually process a lot of their credit card stuff through Singapore I've noticed in the past. Annoys the hell out of me because of the extra charges. I mean it's not like Microsoft are a small company, surely they can get a merchant account locally to process these transactions (they probably do already for XBox live?)?

    who cares apps are cheap, what about Steam international transaction fees, they are the real killers!!!

      +1 however the alternative for steam is local prices. The second that happens steam will die for me cos the best part about steam is buying games at reasonable overseas prices :D

    there is no Angry Birds anyway

      What? No Angry Birds?

      Thats your litmus test right there. Consider WP7 a total failure. Move on, MS. gb2desktops.

    Sony do this as well.. I get an international transaction fee when buying stuff from psn with a visa even though it's in Australian dollars..

    They point you to your bank if you raise it with them.. Either way it's really crappy.. Love how were in a global economy now but only when it benefits business over consumer.

    Are all the Android users here also get charged international transaction fees, or is it just me? It's annoying at times.

    I don't agree with this post... I purchased a game advertised for $6.50 on my phones marketplace - my invoice came from zune for $5.91ex with $0.59 GST and my credit card statement shows exactly that with no other additional processing fee.

      Your thorough sample size of 1 is clearly indicative of a conclusive result. Surely the article is wrong! It's not possible that your bank doesn't charge an international processing fee. It's impossible that you're in the minority in this situation. Do your research, Giz!

      It is charged by the banks. You are just lucky I guess.

    This is the same as with the Android Marketplace...

    It's generally only a few cents...


      OMG I'm so poor and can't afford a few extra cents on my transactions LOL JK, I live in Australia and we are one of the highest paid countries in the world..

    Heads up: Wizard Clear Advantage Credit Card doesn't charge international transaction fee (I have one just for travel, might be useful for WM7 users too)

    I'm a Phone and Windows (Phone) 7 was my idea!

    Oh wait...

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