Win! One Of Three Limited Edition Alien Anthology Blu-Ray Eggs

What's your favourite scene from the Alien movies? Is it the slug alien bursting from Kane's chest? Or the powerloader battle between Ripley and the mother Alien. Or simply Paul Reiser's presence in Aliens? By telling us in limerick form, you could win one of three limited edition Alien Anthology alien egg box sets.

The box sets, which include all four Alien films plus 60 hours of special features (including never before seen stuff like Sigourney Weaver’s audition tapes), features the cool Unbound and MU-TH-ER modes for swapping discs quickly and easily and accessing all the special features. It’s also creepy as hell, especially when you switch on the light inside the egg at night time.

Worth $200 each, we’re giving away three of these beauties this week. To win one, we want you to write a limerick detailing your favourite scene from any of the four Alien films and post it in the comments section of the original competition here. Competition will close 5pm on November 9, with winners announced on November 10 (which just happens to be the day the box set is hitting store shelves).

Best of luck!

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