Want To Know Vodafone Pricing For The Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Want To Know Vodafone Pricing For The Samsung Galaxy Tab?
Vodafone’s jumped on board the Galaxy Tab ship in a big way, with a garden maze of pricing plans to cater just about anyone who would ever consider using a 7-inch tablet device. Let’s work our way through the plans with a chainsaw.

First up, we have the 24 month mobile broadband plans, designed to cater to people looking for a pocketable tablet computer. Plans start from $45 a month and include 1.5GB of data, and range up to $75 a month for 16GB. Interestingly, you’re paying for the Tab regardless of what plan you’re on with this structure, although when you consider $15 for 1.5GB of mobile data, pricing here is actually pretty competitive.

Next up we have the prepaid offerings. Since you have to fork out the $999 RRP for the Tab, these aren’t so much appealing as unappealing…

Finally, Vodafone are going out on a limb and thinking that customers may actually want to use the Tab as a phone, so they’ve got a heap of voice plans as well. On the $79 cap plan you get the Tab for $0 in monthly repayments, plus 3GB data and unlimited standard voice calls (excluding voicemail retrieval) and text messages within Australia.

Having used the Tab for about a week now, I can honestly tell you that even if you don’t want to listen to Matt’s review of the device, you definitely won’t want to use this as your dedicated phone. It’s too bulky, and you’re not always going to have a handsfree kit available…

Now that Vodafone and Optus have both announced pricing, we’re just waiting for Telstra to come to the party. We’ll let you know when they do.