Viewsonic 3DV5 Is A 3D Camcorder For Your Pocket

Viewsonic announced their mini-sized 3D camcorder last month, but now they've finally brought it to the US. Not only does the 3DV5 pack two 5MP fixed focus cameras for 3D 720p video, it's also got a glassesless 3D display panel for playback.

Of course, the 3DV5 has the same problem that all 3D camcorders and cameras do: you're going to have to get yourself a 3DTV or 3D laptop to watch it on. The good news is that this particular mighty mite can also record in 2D, making it as present-ready as it is future-proof. And it might just be worth the $US180 to have your bases covered. [ZDNet]

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