VHA Unveils Its 2010 Cricket App Lineup

Not that you'd know it from the recent weather along the east coast of Australia, but summer is just around the corner, which means its almost cricket season. VHA has just announced their app lineup for cricket fans.

There's a new iPhone app, naturally, which is free to download includes the ability to check scores, upcoming fixtures and the latest Ashes news. Vodafone and 3 customers will also have video highlights, plus the ability to stream live matches for $2.49 a day.

Android owners get a special Cricket widget, which will include live scores and stats from play. Three customers will be able to access Planet 3 from within the widget, which will give them the ability to watch a live stream for $2 a day. Naturally, any other 3 customer can access the live stream from their handset as well, while Vodafone customers with Vodafone! Live access can also enjoy live video for $2 a day.

Although given the way Australia is playing at the moment, it might be worth saving your money, even if you are a cricket fan...

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