Unmarried Women Banned From Using Mobiles In Indian Village

Despite the headline, it really isn't a laughing matter, folks. In Lank, India, the council has restricted unmarried women from using mobile phones, lest they arrange marriages behind their fathers' backs - a crime that's punishable by death.

As we know, phones such as the Nokia 1100 are crazy-popular in developing countries like India, thanks to their affordability, long battery life, and the crucial need by its users in locating fresh water and loved ones.

While unmarried women have been banned completely from using mobile phones, single men can still use them - but only under parental supervision. There are some 50,000 people that live in Lank, with many thousands being affected by this new rule - a number which is expected to rise, if Lank's ruling is adopted by other councils.

Nokia's financial report might not be looking so rosy next quarter. [The Guardian]



    I think taking away Angry Birds from my girlfriend would be a death sentence of its own!

    "Thank you india" - Alanis Morissette

    No offence but thats totally bullshit. I am Indian and I know what it is.
    This must be false report or done by some useless media people!

    There are millions of women around the world on whom genital mutilation is forced upon to reduce pleasure so they won't cheat.

    I think phone bans are are the last of their problems. Tragic as hell though.

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