Unconfirmed: First Leaked Nexus S Pics

First came a Best Buy leak that the Nexus Two was in fact the Nexus S. Now come the first leaked pics from Engadget, which seem to confirm our hands on from a few weeks ago.

As expected, Google's Gingerbread-running Nexus One successor comes from Samsung. There's no more word on when it'll be available - and, more importantly, whether Samsung's fiddled with the pure Android interface in any way - but it seems likely that we'll know for sure in time for the holiday shopping season. [Engadget]


    Love the 4" screen, but what is with Samsung and their love of shiny plastic? I'm sure the phone will rock internally, but externally it's Samsung ugliness at it's finest.

      True true true. They need to learn solid build quality of Nokia, but style of SE or the potential of HTC (though recently they are looking pretty bland too)

    I don't know why Google went with Samsung for their new Nexus... I think it's almost par for the course that HTC's phones have superior build quality and aesthetics.

    Good luck connecting it to Kies! HA!

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