TSA Forces Cancer Survivor To Pull Out Prosthetic Breast

Flight attendant and cancer survivor Cathy Bossi goes through a body scanner, despite not wanting to expose herself to radiation. She's taken back to a screening area for further examination. A TSA agent gropes her and asks "What is this?"

When Bossi tells the agent "It's my prosthesis because I've had breast cancer," the agent replies, "Well, you'll need to show me that." Bossi is forced to remove the prosthesis from her bra and show it to the agent.

The TSA told WBTV, who reported the incident, that agents aren't allowed to remove prosthetics themselves, but they are allowed to "ask to see and touch" any passenger's prosthetic.

Bossi, a veteran flight attendant of 32 years, was just trying to go to work. Read the whole story here: [WBTV via Daring Fireball, Photo: AP]


    Now this is just downright wrong and against a persons privacy.

    ...don't forget that they've molested a 3 year old child!

    Ah America, I don't think I'll be travelling there while these offensive practices are in place.

    Was there a bomb in it? If there was a bomb in it we'd all be saying "Holy fuck, those terrorists will go to any length to blow shit up. What a good thing that guy checked inside her boob, he saved hundreds of lives!" instead of "Geez, it's horrible to treat a cancer survivor that way". Why is she a flight attendant if she doesn't want to be exposed to radiation? You get shit-tonnes of radiation in a plane. This doesn't quite make sense...

      I think it comes down to their attitude towards the person being searched. If they act like complete dicks as I believe is happening in some of these cases then they should be fired. Plus the persons privacy should be paramount, not giggles and snickers from childish idiots. :(

      thats the whole point. These searches fail to turn up anything so noone ever gets to "save the day" and its all just a stupid waste of time.

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