TomTom iPhone App Now Supports Star Wars Voices

The TomTom iPhone app is one of the better navigation apps on the App Store, but it just got even better, with the ability to purchase their Star Wars voices within the app. Purchase the app, you shall.

Darth Vader, C3PO, Yoda and Han Solo are all available to purchase as an in-app purchase for $7.99 each. The update also includes some improvements for the navigation side of things, including navigating to geotagged photos and retina display support for iPhone 4 owners.

The app is worth $90 in the app store... Pricey, but significantly cheaper than a dedicated satnav. And you can get directions from Star Wars characters. Surely that constitutes a win?

[TomTom iPhone app]



    Omg YES! I just bought Yoda and Darth Vader haha

    I think the app itself is fairly priced, but $8 for a voice? I guess they had to pay a lot of licensing fees??

    the app use to work beautifully on my 3G but the last update is quite unusable, far to slow, you re 3 streets ahead of the tracking, annoying.

    does the tomtom app show you your gps speed like in mocal?

    thatis the only thing i need, and if it doesn't i'll be getting mocal....

    How do you get the Vader voice on your iphone app, it doesnt show up in the choices only homer, and tomtom told me personally that there is no vader for the iphone app yet. How do I get it?

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