Tip: If You Want To Protest Something Online, DoS Of Government Sites Probably Isn't The Best Option

The government's internet filter policy caused a huge groundswell of anger and frustration among the tech savvy members of the online community. It even drove some people to attempt a DoS attack on government websites. Which is all fun and games until somebody gets busted, like Melbourne teenager Steve Slayo.

According to the SMH, Slayo was responsible for inciting some of the Denial of Service attacks on Government websites earlier this year. He has pleaded guilty to four charges related to the attacks, and will be sentenced next month. Hopefully he'll get little more than a slap on the wrist, but he'll always have the charges on his record.

While the frustration over filtering is very understandable, a DoS attack on government websites was never going to be an effective way to protest. Given that the filter policy isn't dead yet, it's probably worth keeping in mind the repercussions if you do decide to try and bring down a government website...


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