Thomas Edison's Oddest Inventions

Thomas Edison is an inventor known for great things. We also know he had a pretty good sense of humour. Some of these, er, lesser known contributions from Mr Edison were ahead of their time; others are just plain twisted.

The snuff movie. Edison had a thing for watching things get killed - human or animal - primarily to show how dangerous the rival Westinghouse alternating current system was compared to his own direct current.

Edison's concrete record player, one of the results of his experiments with foam concrete.

The revolving movie studio, the Black Maria studio, was used by Edison to film boxing and publicity films. It captured the same daylight angles all day long.

In 1876, Edison designed an electric pen, which actually ended up inspiring the design of the first electric tattoo machine.

Edison's battery-powered electric fan.

Thomas Edison's Ghost Detection Machine from 1933.

After the Wright Brothers' success, Edison penned this creation, which never actually came to fruition.

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