Thirty Hand-Machined RED EPIC Cameras Will Film The Hobbit In 3D

Peter Jackson, who's made a few movies, is preparing to shoot another one called The Hobbit. That's interesting news! What's also interesting is how he will film it: Thirty uber-expensive RED EPIC cameras. It's good to be the king.

Or is the king James Cameron? I can't remember which incredibly rich and successful director is the king these days.

Anyway, do you also want to be a king amongst men and shoot a homemade version of The Hobbit, using your own RED EPIC camera, just like Peter Jackson? I ask because it's entirely possible, provided you pony up $US58,000 for one of the rigs he will use.

Included in the asking price is an EPIC-M body, titanium mount, 5-inch touchscreen, batteries, solid state storage and a host of other goodies that are kind of silly to outline with too much detail since, you know, the rigs cost $US58,000 each. He will have 30!

Filming starts next year with the fruits of Jackson/RED's labour expected to arrive sometime in 2012 (part 1, anyway). [RED User Forums via Engadget]

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    Just to clarify that would be $58 000 for one camera and I doubt that includes any 3d rig.

    Pretty sure he'll have 15 rigs using 30 cameras. To be honest thats a fairly cheap set up. Onsite data wranglers would be downloading straight in to edit suites for cutting and he can see his shots pretty much live allowing for adjustments immediately to lighting or angle (with 30 cameras he'd at least have that covered you'd think!)
    If he were using film for example the costs for dailies alone would run in to hundreds of thousands on top of all the time/money required to scan the selects at at 4K etc etc.
    Shooting digital makes sense although seeing as he has ridiculous amounts of money anyway I'd have gone for the 4K ARRI Alexa which are considerably more expensive but probably still cheap compared to a film shoot with 30 units.

      Alexa is not a 4K camera. It's internally 3.5K and outputs 2K.

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