ThinkGeek's New Spy Shirt Hides An Actual Working Spy Cam

So you wanna maintain your geek chic look while you're surreptitiously photographing people. ThinkGeek's got just the thing: their t-shirt shows a graphic of a spy with a camera... that's actually a real working spy camera.

Yes, that's right, the spycam is embedded right in the $US40 shirt's image of a spycam. It's diabolical.

The rig has a handheld remote and can snap some 150 colour photos at 640x480 res. Not great for making posters, but perfectly suitable for catching someone in the act. Of doing something. The shirt vibrates when you hit the shutter, letting you know that you successfully snapped your spy shot, and it requires three AAA batteries to operate. All in all a perfect holiday gift for the really big creep in your life. [ThinkGeek via LaughingSquid]

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