These Disks Are Not Toys (OK, Maybe They Are)

These Disks Are Not Toys (OK, Maybe They Are)

The whole “urban vinyl” craze has been on the slide for years now, but we can still spare a tip of the hat for misshapen plastic figures when they represent classic video game storage mediums.

This is Squid Kids Ink’s “So Analog” line, featuring a NES cartridge (called “10-Doh!”), a 3.5-inch floppy disk (“A-Drive”) and an old cassette tape (“B-Side”), all of them used throughout the 1980s (and even into the ’90s) to store video games on.

While these haven’t yet entered into full production (and may never), there’ll be some blank figures available at D-Con in Pasadena, California on November 20.

INTRODUCING “SO ANALOG” [Squid Ink, via Go Nintendo]

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