The Magnestick System Straps Your Kids Safely In Ski Lifts Using The Magic Of Magnets

US ski resorts are now getting the Magnestick Safety System. Permanent electromagnets affixed to ski lift seats are switched on when a child, wearing a vest with a metallic plate, hops in. Voila! No slipping or sliding off the lift prematurely.

Kids are required to wear the Magnestick vest, which has a metallic back plate, out on the snow. As soon as a child gets on the ski lift, the seat magnet is activated, and only deactivated once they arrive at the top, allowing the child to safely hop off. So even if a rider lifts the restraining bar before arrival, kids can't fall off their seat. The brightly coloured vest also provides back protection and visibility the rest of the time they're out on the snow. Sounds like a good option for beginner skiers of any age. [Magnestick Safety System via Be Sportier via Oh Gizmo!]

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