The Gizmodo GizMod Rukus: Entertaining The Back Seat Drivers

Installing screens for the passengers in the back of the Rukus was a no brainer, but what we didn't know was what types of rear screens were actually available. Turns out, replacing the entire head rest is easily the best way to go.

The screens we ended up installing came with an integrated DVD player, which allows passengers to either watch their own stuff, or enjoy the same content across the whole car using the AVIC system as a central hub. And while we were getting the guys from to install the headrest screens, we also got them to install a digital TV tuner, so now we can get our daily dose of Oprah (or whatever daytime free-to-air TV show takes our fancy), even if we're busy cruising the city searching for the latest gadget news.

[The GizMod]

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