The Chimneys Of Hell Are In Russia

This is Cherepovets. And those are not nuclear weapons exploding in the horizon, but massive smoke columns from the factories that saturate this Russian city, one of the most polluted in the world. And I thought LA's smog was bad.

The name of the city - located near the Sheksna River - basically means city of skulls. Looking at the sky, it seems like a perfect a name to me. [Elena Chinarina via DRB]

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    Hot damn! I wonder if its a security risk not being able to tell the difference between a nuclear bomb and your general pollution.. I think i would wake up even more terrified of a zombie apocalypse every day if i lived there..

    Good to know our efforts to reduce carbon emissions are not in vain.. */sarcasm*

    If these images don't show what a waste of money this whole trading scheme is then I don't know what is..

      I agree 100%, while we are paying more and more for our electricity due to "greener energy" and "doing the right thing" places like this do not care. we should just place sanctions on places like this.

      the "no one else is doing it, so why should we" argument here will lead to only one possible outcome: no body doing anything.

      it makes me sick to hear people say it.


        This, the more carbon emmision free we become the easier it is to critisize them for their horrid pollution.

        Completely agree with you matt.

    this looks like a great place to start / end another war

    I should point out that most 'smoke' people see when looking at these pictures is actually just water vapour. Clearly they're doing something energy intensive in these pictures but there is every chance the electricity supplying it in nuclear in origin and has a very low carbon footprint. If scenes like this concern you, stop driving your car, buying packaged crap and participating in society in general...we'll all be better off. It has to get made somewhere people, and concentrating industry in one area actually reduces energy use over having lots of little factories all over the countryside.

      "If scenes like this concern you, stop driving your car, buying packaged crap and participating in society in general..."

      And If we "remove" China and India there will be more to go around...

        if you remove india and china, where would everyone buy there clothes, cars, and other stuff...

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