The Avenger: Xbox Controller Meets Aliens Power Loader

I'm not sure if The Avenger—this elaborate Xbox controller exoskeleton—will improve your performance markedly. But my goodness, it'll make you look prepared. Or, you know, like your controller has polio.

The accessory claims to "enhance the gamer's manual dexterity and situational awareness" with its "stabilizer tripod, high-precision tension straps, hair-triggers, and sensitivity adjusters." All of which seems like a fancy way to say it makes the buttons bigger.

If you think your controller is one dominatrix suit away from total multiplayer domination, it may well be worth the $US60—especially with the 30-day money back guarantee. Of course, by then your controller and the Avenger will have mind-melded sufficiently to make them inseparable. That's how this works, right? [The Avenger via Kotaku]

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    Just in case you miss enormous, absurdly shaped xbox controllers?

    My initial thought upon seeing the first pic was "wut?"

    Now after reading the article and looking at the pic again I'm thinking "wait WUT?"

    Also a little bit o.0

    Ahaahah, they're not even marketing to the garden-variety gamers, they're going straight to the uber-nerds.

    Tripod so you don't actually have to support its weight? (Upper body muscular atrophy?), levers, bells and whistles?

    Sometimes I wonder who actually buys this stuff. It's like those ultra-marked up PC 'gaming mice' or 'gaming keyboards' which don't actually do anything, other than show the world how little shame you have left. If the Korean Progamers can make do with regular peripherals, I doubt buying your $200 mouse with 50 buttons is going to help.

    When I first see the picture the first thing that came into my mind is will the player will not be puzzled?

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