The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Media Streamers

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Media Streamers

 title=Everybody has a hard drive filled with video these days. Why not give the gift of being able to watch it on the big screen this year?


 title=Boxee Box, $299 The Boxee Box has been a long time coming, but thanks to its history it’s as strong a solution you could hope for in terms of getting content from your PC to your big screen. [DLink]

 title=WDTV Live, $300 Capable of Full HD playback and sporting a 1TB hard drive inside, WD wants you to move all your content to this device in the loungeroom. It’s Mac and PC friendly, and has a slick UI even your nanna could control. [WD]

 title=Asus O!Play HD2, $279 With DLNA support, USB 3.0 and iPhone support all working out of the box, plus iTunes, Samba and FTP server capabilities, the O!Play is a great option for the slightly more demanding media streaming connoisseur… [Asus]


 title=Seagate GoFlex HD, $179 Plug in a Seagate GoFlex hard drive, and you can watch your content on the big screen. Or use this to access all your videos stored on your local network. Either’s fine, so long as you enjoy the experience… [Seagate]

 title=Apple TV, $129 If your gift recipient is already a part of the whole Apple ecosystem, Apple TV is an obvious choice. Thanks to Airplay, you can now stream music or video content to an Apple TV from any other Apple device – like an Apple TV. Convenience FTW. [Apple]

 title=Netgear EVA2000, $179 Netgear’s No Frills home media streamer is as basic a streamer as you can get without sacrificing usability. As a DLNA server, the EVA 2000 lets you connect to your home network to bring content to the big screen, plus watch YouTube from your lounge. [Netgear]