The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gaming

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gaming

 title=The Christmas Holiday period is the perfect time to sit back and catch up on your gaming. And while our brothers in arms at Kotaku are offering gift solutions for particular gamers in your life, here are some generic gaming gifts that you could give to almost anybody.


 title=Microsoft Kinect With Dance Central, $199 plus $90 Remember the sheer, unadulterated joy you experienced the first time you played Wii Tennis and you were swinging the tennis racket? Dance Central on Kinect is the same as that, but potentially with a longer shelf life. And because it’s dancing, it’s the perfect gift for anyone at all. [Xbox] [imgclear]

 title=Playstation Move Starter Bundle With Time Crisis 4 and gun attachment, $100 plus $70 Remember the heady days when gaming arcades were on every street corner and Time Crisis was a revelation for both graphics, and gameplay? Relive those heady days in your own home with the Playstation Move and Time Crisis 4. Perfect retro gaming fun. [Sony] [imgclear]

 title=iPod Touch 32GB $378 It’s pretty indicitive of the state of handheld gaming when an iPod becomes a better option for games than products from Sony or Nintendo. The latest Touch is stunningly thin and can handle pretty much any game iTunes can throw at it. [Apple] [imgclear]


 title=Gran Turismo 5 $120 It’s taken so long it almost became vapourware, but the PS3 racing simulator hit shelves last night. If you know anyone who likes cars and or driving, it does not get better than this. It even supports 3D, if you’re into that kind of thing. [GT5] [imgclear]

 title=Rock Band 3 $98 If you’re willing to forget about picking up the pro instruments, Rock Band 3 is the perfect family gaming experience. You can import songs from previous rock band versions, and if you’re really keen, there’s even a downloadable Bon Jovi track pack. Yes! [Harmonix] [imgclear]

 title=iTunes Gift Cards Lame! We know! But given that there are approximately 73 gajillion games on the app store, picking the best one to “Gift This App” to your long lost niece or nephew could be a bridge too far. That’s where gift cards become awesome…