Sprint ZTE Peel Turns Your iPod Touch Into A Pseudo-iPhone

Our first thought when we got ahold of a MiFi: Why not build this into an iPod touch case? All the benefits of the iPhone, minus AT&T's horrible service. That's Sprint's ZTE Peel case.

The ZTE Peel is an iPod touch case with a built-in 3G hotspot. It's a little gimped compared to a full-on hotspot, though, and pricier as well. It's $US80, only supports two devices at a time, and a piddly 1GB of data costs you a whopping $US30 per month. (Sprint's OverDrive with 4G service costs $US50, and for $US60 a month you get 5GB of data over 3G and unlimited 4G data.)

The biggest compromise? It also turns the super skinny iPod touch into kind of a fattie. [SPrint]

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