Sharp Uses Its Glasses-Less 3D Screens In Two Android Phones For Japan

A few months back I tried out a glasses-less 3D prototype from Sharp, where the cameraphone took "3D" photos and made them pop out in their parallax barrier screens. That tech's now in two Android phones - for Japan, anyway.

The Galapagos 003SH and 005SH phones will launch on the Softbank network, with both phones having 3.8-inch WVGA screens. A few things separate the two, such as a 9.6MP camera on the 003SH and an 8MP lens for the 005SH, plus there's a slide-out QWERTY keyboard on the latter too.

Sharp and Softbank haven't said whether you'll be able to take photos in their quasi-3D format, but I imagine that's the case. They've also partnered up with Capcom for some pre-loaded 3D games, including Mega Man, Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights, and Resident Evil: Degeneration.

You and I won't be seeing the light of day of these phones, but I'm glad Sharp's getting some usage out of their 3D tech, and not just Nintendo. [Softbank via Akihabara News via 3D-Display-Info via AndroidCommunity]

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