Senator Kate Lundy Takes R18+ Petition To Parliament

Senator Kate Lundy Takes R18+ Petition To Parliament
 src=As far as politicians go, Kate Lundy is one of our favourites, a position solidified last night by her decision to table the 89,210 strong petition for an R18+ video game rating.

As Mark over at Kotaku outlines, the move to table the petition shows that the adult classification is reaching the ears of some politicians, and hopefully this added exposure in parliament will put the required pressure on the Attorneys General to get off their backsides and adjust the classification system.

You can read Lundy’s entire speech here, but I think this one sums up the issue nicely.

Firstly, it is worth noting that we already have an R18+ classification for films. This classification is important as it gives parents clear guidance on what is appropriate for their children and teenagers. As a parent I know there is a peace of mind when selecting films for my family’s enjoyment, to know that there is a robust classification system. The classification system informs my choices and helps me assess suitability and age appropriateness for my children.

The absence of an R18+ computer games classification creates something of a grey area for parents. There is limited guidance for parents or young people, creating a risk where games are purchased that they are not suitable.

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