Samsung's Continuum: The Galaxy S Gains A Little Ticker

Samsung has officially kicked off its newest Android device - the Galaxy S series Continuum. What sets this newest phone apart from the family is its two displays: one AMOLED 4.3-inch screen up top, with a narrow 1.8-inch ticker below.

Samsung claims the lower display is the world's first "ticker" on a smartphone - allowing you to watch a movie, take a call, or whatever else you please - while having access to secondary data, like stock prices and incoming texts. The rest of the Contintuum package seems consistent with the existing Galaxy S, with the only substantive additions lying in the little ticker - really, a dedicated screen for notification menus already existent across the Android ecosystem.

The Continuum does offer one neat little innovation - a grip sensor at the phone's bottom sides, which triggers the ticker screen (and that screen only) with a squeeze.

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