PS3 Bluetooth Headset Going Slim

PS3 Bluetooth Headset Going Slim

A reader sent us this promo sleeve for the PlayStation 3 Bluetooth headset earlier this week, which now appears to be sporting a slimmer, sleeker design than the original model.

Not only has the ear clasp been made thinner, but the front buttons and indicators have been cleaned up too. The material clearly states that this is an official Sony product, not a third-party offering.

The feature set on the back of the box has no new features compared to the existing version, so it appears to be a simple aesthetic upgrade for a device that was looking a little, well, clunky as we push on towards 2011.

As the box says, it’ll be priced at $US50, which is the same as the existing model. No word on a release date, but we’ve asked Sony and will update if we hear back.

Below is a comparison between the new headset on the left, and the old on the right.

Republished from Kotaku