Pneumatic-Powered Grappling Hooks Preferred For Stealth Raids

Previously, when superhero delusions got the better of you, noisy gunpowder-powered grappling hooks were the only way to go. Now, with the pneumatic-powered grappling hook, you can do so in stealth, thus bringing you ever closer to your Batman fantasy.

Batalle's new design for grappling hooks is way quieter than previous powered models, and can project the hook further and more accurately than before, shooting 30m upwards and spanning distances of 18m. (Oh, and it can also fire off anything else you can fit in the barrel!)

What does this mean for you? Well, when you're scaling large government buildings in search of zombie conspiracies (or whatever), you have a better chance of not drawing the attention of the police and subsequently ending up in a psych ward somewhere. [Battelle via Core77]

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