Optus To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S To Froyo 'In The Coming Weeks'

Now that the Telstra Desire has got its Froyo update, it's time to turn our attention to the other premium Android phone from the middle of the year: The Samsung Galaxy S on Optus. The Telco has now given us official word that Froyo is to be delivered to Salaxy S users "in the coming weeks".

There's nothing else to go off, so we'll just have to wait and see just how long it takes Optus to roll out the new OS. Here's hoping its a simple over the air update that happens sooner rather than later...


    a couple o weeks defined as next year? cant wait for the 2.3 update... a couple of weeks away.

      Next one is Android 3.0 Gingerbread, and Galaxy S users aren't getting it. 2.2 is the end of the line.

        check your radar, gingerbread is 2.3, i think theyve pen'd honeycomb as 3.0 now... or thats the suspicion

    By Gorm, don't let the Xperia owners find out...

    (of which I'm one)

      Or the Dell Streak owners.

      *Typed while looking at my Dell Streak*

    November 11 is the scheduled date, confirmed via optus internal source.

      just been on the phone to optus technical hotline from the george st store. They tell me the 12th Nov. fingers swyped

        now you should ring him back and ask him if he is a lier or just telling you a random date to get you of his back. Tell him you will pay your bill when its released and not before, see how they like that.

    Nov 11th I have heard. Only two months late. Although I got my update from the UK on the weekend. Hate to say it Samsung, but it still lags and a lot of your Samsung Apps that worked on Elcaire do not work on Froyo :-(

    But it's super fast with lag fixes applied :-)

    Bah, I got tired of waiting and updated using the Doc Kalpik ROM last night...
    Absolutely loving it!

    Actually according to the Optus twitter feed: 15/11

    Yeah, they said that date on their twitter too.

    "Here’s hoping its a simple over the air update that happens sooner rather than later…"

    Don't count on it. Samsung Mobile Support have confirmed that it will definitely need to be upgraded through the bloody Kies program. Which, of course, does not always detect the handset on many computers, which then means users need to send it to a service centre to be upgraded. Way to go, Samsung .

    I was expecting Gingerbread to be released the same time I received my froyo update for Galaxy S

    Telstra users will only have to wait 6 months for their update...

    Galaxy is the most sold android phone at the moment and it will get upgraded to Gingerbread, which is 2.3 not 3.0 though it will probably take another 6 months...

    We already knew it was coming in the next couple of weeks so really this article was pointless as it provides no useful information. Absolutely none.

    I questioned Optus' Twitter last night over an over the air update and this is what I got.

    @brentcataldo Hey brentcataldo, you will need to do the 2.2 update through keis on your PC - Craig

    Shame - especially considering I live in an internet black spot and rely on a slow connection.

    An over the air update would have been much easier 'cos I'm in the city nearly everyday and get reliable HSPDA coverage everywhere I go/work

    I will believe it when I see it, good work Optus I will be switrching to Telstra next year, sick of all your lies,

      Peter keep in mind u have a samsung handset, any upgrades are by the manufacturer, if samsung requires updates to b completed by the pc connection rather then over the air, it's something ur provider cannot control, I'd be taking this as a learning curb wen purchasing a handset, as the samsung galaxy s has been problematic from get go, and samsung does not seem fussed there customers have a bodgy product.

        "keep in mind u have a samsung handset, any upgrades are by the manufacturer" well in part you are correct. This delay is due to carriers slapping bloat ware and customizing the samsungs release. So really should we have to wait for this garbage when I dont have a locked handset.... NO Bloody way. That being said Has anybody upgraded there sgs on telstra? At least optus are talking about it. I have not even heard a squeek out of virgin

    Optus said early to mid November. Well that's NOW Goddammit!

    yeah I still remember when the handset itself was coming out "in the coming weeks" - back in April...

    so it's the 15th - anyone got Froyo yet??

    Just got word from Optus that it IS going to be released sometime this week or early next week as they are in the final stages of testing... COME ON OPTUS GET YOUR FINGER OUT AND RELEASE THIS FREAKIN UPDATE!!! ITS NOT THAT HARD...

    Just started to download an 87MB update for Kies, hope this is some kind of sign...

      Yeah turns out it isn't :(
      Gave me a bit of hope when the updater asked me to backup contacts first but apparently that was just new with Kies, no Froyo yet.

    Yeah there's nothing in Kies :(

    oh come on! why is it taking so long!

    optus has just announced that pigs do fly and cows jump over the moon and froyo will be released soon

    They confirmed on twitter again that they expect it at end of November.
    "Testing is progressing well but not yet complete & the plan is to have this ready for download by end of November - Ian"

    Typical optus. Its delayed till end of nov early dec

    I thought as much, those hope-crashers arouse our hope only to crash it down.

    By the seem of it, Froyo will be available at 8pm tonight.

    Optus Business Blog
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    News: Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S is now available

    Owners of Samsung's Galaxy S line of phones have been patiently waiting for the Android 2.2 update that many other Android owners have had for months, and now it looks like the wait may finally be over.

    Samsung has announced that later tonight, at 8:00 PM, a download will become available to SamsungMobile.com that will be compatible with all Galaxy S devices, upgrading them to Android 2.2.
    The news comes after Google and Samsung have continuously been dodgy about details regarding the update for Samsung's Android-powered smartphones. To date, the only handsets to receive the upgrade have been phones manufactured by other companies. Only about a quarter of all Android users have upgraded their device to the latest OS.

    Many of those who haven't upgraded simply have a phone that is too outdated to receive it. But the Galaxy S platform is one of the most technically adept on the market right now and is more than capable of running Froyo.

    Exactly what has been causing the hold-up is anyone's guess, but it's been a real problem for Samsung as it tries to market the devices.

    Android 2.2 brings with it features like full browser support for the latest Flash video standard, the ability to use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and enhanced voice controls for all aspects of the device. It should be a welcome addition to the Galaxy S family.

    Written by Mark Raby from TG Daily
    Associated phones: Samsung Galaxy S


        "Exactly what has been causing the hold-up is anyone’s guess, but it’s been a real problem for Samsung as it tries to market the devices."

        I reckon I could have a good guess, and it wouldn't have anything to do with Samsung.

      9.30 and still nothing, seems the only thing optus actually did today was put up that blog entry and then take it down again when they realised they were full of it.

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