Nominate Your Favourite Gadgets For The 2010 Australian Gizmodo Awards

2010 was a great year for TVs, despite the relentless push towards 3D. But in many cases, 3D capability in a TV actually makes 2D content look better, so the quality of displays from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG have all been great. Coupled with IPTV services being introduced to this year's tellies, 2010 was a great year for screens. Deciding which one was best is going to be tough, but that's what we plan to do with the 2010 Australian Gizmodo Awards.

For the next two weeks we're calling for nominations for the best gadgets of the year over five categories: Mobiles, Cameras, TVs, Computers and Apps. Tell us your favourites, and then stay tuned for the voting to begin. Once the winner from each category has been determined, they'll battle it out for the crown of "Gizmodo Gadget of the Year".

With all the great gadget releases this year, it's going to be a tough competition to decide. So help us out by nominating your favourite gadgets of the year in the comments below.

[Australian Gizmodo Awards 2010]

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