Night Launch At The Supercarrier

Watching F/A-18E fighters launching from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln - a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier part of the US 5th Fleet - is always impressive. Watching them catapulted into the nothingness of night makes it beautiful, and a tad scary.

The birds above are assigned to the Kestrels of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 137, part of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group.

This one - part of the Argonauts of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 - is getting onto the catapult on board the supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan.

I never get tired of watching these, but I'm not worried. At least I'm not naked in my white underpants, clacking my teeth in front of a poster of Val Kilmer. Yet. [Flickr via Flickr]

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