Netflix Streaming-Only Plan Is Here, DVD Plans Get Pricier

Netflix had teased a streaming-only plan for the US, but they've finally followed through in time for a long winter of Watch Instantly downloads. It's costs $US8, with nearly all DVD-based plans seeing a price hike. Here's how much:

The cheapest unlimited plan gets a bump from $US9 to $US10, while the more robust users will see price increases as laid out in this chart from Media Memo. New subscribers will be hit with the increases immediately, while existing Netflix users will see their bill get bumped starting in January.

The Netflix Watch Instantly catalogue only holds about 20 per cent of its total offerings, and if I'm going streaming-only for it's going to be a tough choice between that and the comparably priced Hulu Plus. But as sad as I'll be to say goodbye to my fancy red and white DVD coasters, I'm looking forward to going full-digital somewhere. [Media Memo]

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