NAB Banking 'Glitch' Problem Almost Solved

Chances are that if you bank with NAB, or your employer pays through NAB, you probably spent the weekend a little bit poor. Apparently, a "corrupted file" has thrown the bank into disarray for the better part of a week, leaving thousands of customers without access to their funds.

We're not sure how a corrupted file can bring an entire bank to its knees, leaving not just NAB customers but also customers from other banks penniless for the weekend, but at least the worst part is over now. The bank has claimed that nobody should be out of pocket from the system going AWOL, but there are still about 19,000 accounts that still need fixing.

Still, this is the perfect fodder for random tech conspiracy theories! My guess is that the bank was secretly financing rogue scientists hell bent on creating artificial intelligence to replace bank tellers, when they suddenly succeeded, and the now-sentient creation realised just how much banks rip off customers and tried to stop it. Unfortunately, that triggered the bank's failsafe, which resulted in the weekend's "corrupted file" explanation.

You got a better conspiracy theory? Share below!

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