Microsoft Happy To Let Torrent Apps On The Zune Marketplace

Apple has a history of being a bit random on some of their app approvals over the years, but they've been fairly consistent banning one category - apps that let you control bittorrent. Fortunately for torrenters, Microsoft has no such qualms, with several torrent controlling apps on the Zune Marketplace already.

uController is an Australian-made $3 app currently available that lets you start, pause and stop torrents, monitor the torrent's speed and progress and check out the finer details of the torrent within the app. Future updates will include the ability to add new torrents and customise the UI.

It only works with the Windows uTorrent client at this stage, but considering it does work, suddenly makes Windows Phone 7 a much more appealing option for passionate torrenters.

[GordonHome - Thanks Brad!]

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