Lightning Review: Creative D100 Bluetooth Speakers

Lightning Review: Creative D100 Bluetooth Speakers

 title=Why listen to music through the crappy tinny speakers in you laptop when you can utilise the power of Bluetooth?

The Gadget: Creative’s D100 Wireless Bluetooth speakers

The Price: $120

The Verdict: The D100 is a lightweight portable speaker system that looks pretty good and works a treat. The bass doesn’t drop out at high volumes – although it doesn’t really get too loud – and at a standard volume it sounds fairly well balanced. It does suffer the standard audio degradation A2DP Bluetooth streaming offers though.

There aren’t any dedicated inputs, which means you can only listen to music through Bluetooth devices. But on the upside, it will run off battery power and mains power, and requires only four AA batteries to give you portable music.

The RRP is a little on the high side but you can pick it up for less online. If you’re after the convenience of wireless and prepared to suffer a bit of a hit to audio quality, these aren’t a bad option.