Kik Messenger: No-Frills Way To Keep In Touch On Android, iPhone, BlackBerry

Kik Messenger's a no-frills app, but it could easily become your favourite way of keeping in touch. It's a simple cross-platform instant messenger which'll work for you and your friends - no matter which mobile platform or country you favour.

Think of the app as being like BlackBerry Messenger without the mobile operating system limitations.

You'll get push notifications and little S, D and R indicators showing if a message has been sent, delivered or read. Simple and basic, but pretty great.

The only genuine annoyance I've encountered with Kik is the lack of an option to turn off message previews on the lock screen. Don't get me wrong, I like knowing who messaged me, but I don't always want the content of the message displayed on the lock screen. But considering the stability and simple awesomeness of the app in general, that's an easily overlooked flaw for now.

The app's free and available in the iTunes store right now. If you've got friends who are Android or BlackBerry users, just point them toward their respective app markets. [iTunes]



    Have a look at whatsapp it doesnt cost to much and also works on the BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and iPhone. I use it on my iphone with my wife it works great like share location and picture and voice messages it works so well.

    This seems to provide the same functionality as pingchat?

    So I was going to give this app a try until I saw that on Android you have to give it permission to have access to "Services that cost you money: Directly call phone numbers" Why would an app need that if it is a data service? Who are they going to call - The Ghostbusters?

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