Internode ADSL Customers Can Now Get A Speed Boost

Internode has just announced a bit of a boost to their long-suffering ADSL customers stuck on paltry 512kb/s and 1.5 Mb/s speed plans - they've renegotiated their arrangement with Telstra wholesale, meaning ADSL2+ speeds across the the country.

The arrangement affects customers from more than 1300 exchanges around the country, with prices starting at $50 a month unbundled for 5GB, or 60GB for an extra $10 a month. There's also a 200GB option for $90 a month, and all three plans are $10 cheaper if bundled with a phone line. The three new plans replace the seven old Home Broadband plans.

There's no fee for current customers wanting to upgrade to the new plans, although there's no obligation to if you're happy with your current Internode plan.


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