Idiot Blasts Sheriff's Helicopter Pilot In The Face With Laser

There are rational responses to an annoying police helicopter buzzing around your home. Perhaps a call to the local authorities to complain? Shooting the pilot in the face with a laser? Not so rational. In fact, pretty screwed up!

Mark Hazlitt decided this was his strategy for peace and quiet and aimed his green laser pointer at a nearby chopper that was searching for a man threatening suicide. When Hazlitt hit his target, "The laser illuminated the cockpit with such intensity that the pilot and flight observer's night vision equipment became inoperable," according to a police rep.

But joke's on you, Marky boy! The pilot was able to steer away, recalibrate his gear, and then track down the laser to its source. Hazlitt's now charged with "misuse of a laser lighting device" - a felony. What possible justification can he have for putting the aircraft and its crew at risk of destruction and death? Mark says he was just "tired of hearing it". Next time, we suggest headphones. Even noise-cancelling ones are cheaper than a lawyer. [The Ledger]

Photo by Edward Simpson

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