Hopefully, Gears Of War 3 Has Some Of This In It

Hopefully, Gears Of War 3 Has Some Of This In It

Whenever I see a new look at the Unreal Engine, I wonder: How will they use this in the next Gears of War? I did that in March. I’m doing it again with this brand-new look at the updated Engine.

This is a trailer for the latest iteration of the Epic Games' Unreal Engine, the graphics tech that powers not only the Xbox 360's Gears of War series but everything from the Mass Effect series to the gorgeous Enslaved: Odyssey To The West.

According to Epic, the new features added to the engine since we last highlighted in March are:

- light shafts a.k.a. god rays
- depth of field for filmmakers
- colour grading
- cascaded shadow maps
- point light shafts
- full Scaleform GFx user interface package
- SteamWorks support for online services

And what's that mean for Gears 3? I demand great god rays, Epic. You delayed Gears 3. Surely you can get them in there?

Republished from Kotaku