Half Million Dollar Mini House Built On Top Of Single Parking Space

Tiny houses are not uncommon, especially in Tokyo. But Fuyuhito Moriya's three-storey pad (which he bravely shares with his mother) is among the most impressive I've ever seen. It sits atop a single parking space.

When Fuyuhito Moriya, 39, purchased his 30sqm plot of land in Tokyo, it was advertised as a spot to park a car. He decided to park himself and his mother there instead - a project that took $US500,000 and a lot of architectural ingenuity.

Moriya's living room is small - about the size of walk-in closet - and things are hidden behind every wall, stuffed into every corner. The spiral staircase that connects the three floors - Moriya couldn't build horizontally, so he built vertically - is triangular instead of circular, allowing for a tighter diameter. Sinks look like they were cut in half. Windows are oversized to let in as much light as possible.

"Size is not that important," says Moriya. "More important for me is the atmosphere, the surroundings and the neighbourhood. You reside in the building, but I'm focused on living in a particular area and environment." A sentiment we could all learn from. A little. [CNN via Grist]

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