Griffin's iPod Nano Slap Bracelet Has The Early '90s Confused

What's that, 2010? I mean, no, I'm not at all surprised that the slap bracelet is still around, but you say that there's a miniature computer attached to the thing? Does it run AOL?

Now let's see what's going on here. Griffin's combined cutting edge silly - a coin-sized MP3 player with a comically small touch screen - with retro silly - an accessory you put on by whacking yourself with it - to come up with the retro-future silly: a slap bracelet watchband for the new iPod nano. They call it Slap. Like what your girlfriend would try to do to you if you gave her one of these as a gift, or what I did to my knee after I saw the announcement for this product.

OK, that's being unfair. The iPod Nano Watch has been an idea we've all loved to make fun of but also secretly kind of actually just loved since the tiny new nano was debuted in September. And as far as nano watch bands go, this looks loike it might be the best yet.

They're available in red, purple, blue, green, black, orange, yellow and pink and run $US24. I'd buy one but I'm already using my nano as a slammer for my Pogs. [Griffin]

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