Google Cloud Connect Perfectly Syncs Microsoft Office With Google Docs

Love the awesomeness of Google Docs, with real-time collaboration and never worrying about your hard drive exploding, taking down all of your documents, but stuck using Microsoft Office? They just got together with Google Cloud Connect.

A simple plug-in from Google launching today effectively turns Microsoft Office into a front-end for Google Docs (aptly named "Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office plug-in"). So everything you type in Word, every number you punch in Excel or spreadsheet you whip up in Powerpoint is perfectly synced and backed up to your Google Docs account - and you can collaborate in real-time with other Google Docs users.

The catch? Right now it only works for Office on Windows, because the APIs aren't there for Office on Mac.

Combined with editing for mobile devices, Google Docs just got a lot more awesome. It's pretty clever too - while not everybody's down with editing and working with documents in a browser window, using Google Docs as a web tying together documents from all kinds of devices and applications makes it a lot easier to slip into.

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