Father Of World's First Laptop Snags Top Design Award

This year's Prince Philip Designers Prize - the oldest design award in the UK - went to Bill Moggridge, the man who designed the world's first laptop. You're possibly reading this on one of its grandchildren - but is yours as gorgeous-looking?

It's incredible that the Grid Compass computer - created way back in 1982 - still retains its industrial design dreaminess. It's clunky, sure, owing to technical constraints of the time - but the matte black finish and tight angles are still enough to get us all hot and bothered. By computer design standards, at least. And it was tough too - built well enough to be taken into space on NASA missions.

It's also worth noting the obvious - that 28 years later, the thinnest, fastest, and most overall advanced components in the world are still inside Moggridge's basic clamshell form factor. Great design doesn't just work well - it sticks around. [Design Council via Dezeen]

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