Dual-Screened Kno Tablet For Students Will Cost $US899

I guess as it's got two 14.1-inch touchscreens Kno feels it can get away with charging $US899 for its tablet, but $US599 for the 14-inch tablet with just one screen? Why, that's more expensive than the iPad!

Considering it's aimed at university students, that's a huge ask on their bank account. But Kno's CEO is reckoning on students seeing the Kno not just as a tablet (something to browse and watch movies on), but as a textbook replacement.

It runs on a Tegra 2 chip, and has 16GB of storage - with the OS said to be Linux. Students, would you live off baked beans for a year, just to be able to afford a Kno? Anyone? [NYT]

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