Don't Worry About That Coyote, He's Just Catching Rodents

There was a coyote running around downtown Chicago this weekend. Normally that'd be cause for concern, but in this case it's a GPS-outfitted coyote released by the city to eat rats and stuff. They promise it won't eat your kids!

The coyote was spotted running down State Street in Chicago's Loop area late Saturday night. Initial reports weren't really sure what was going on - Chicago police said they hadn't heard anything about any coyotes - but now the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control is saying that it's probably a coyote that was let loose in purpose. To kill rats and stuff. Brad Block, a Commission supervisor, explained:

He's not a threat...He's not going to pick up your children...His job is to deal with all of the nuisance problems, like mice, rats and rabbits.

Illinois has outfitted a few coyotes with GPS for rodent-killing purposes, though no one was quite clear if this coyote was part of that program. Wait, why is no one clear if this coyote is part of that program? So maybe this one will actually eat your kids. Stay vigilant, Chicago. [Chicago Breaking News via Mark Wilson]

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