Don't Go To War With This Aliens Replica M41A Pulse Rifle

Movie prop replicas are a luxury item for many aficionados, sure, but even so for $US900 an Aliens replica pulse rifle better have a working ammo counter, spring loaded triggers and a strap so we can recreate the fateful finale!

Sadly, this one does not, although the rest of the build is certainly impressive:

- Metal barrel vent and collapsible shoulder stock

- aluminium, "Brown Bess" shrouds the same dimensions and colour as the original Pulse Rifle

- Light up LED ammo counter display– sets at "95" when the removable magazine is inserted

- Moving "Grenade Launcher" pump handle

- Themed wall display plaque complete with replica stock number

- No, the $US899.99 rifle does not come with batteries. It takes 2 AA.

Metal parts mean you feel all 6.8kg in your meaty paws and the grenade launcher bolt action sounds decidedly movie-like (link is a video review), but for almost a grand one would think it'd be capable of literally clearing out xenomorphs from your fiery factory-themed basement if the need ever arose. [ThnkGeek via technabob]

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